13th Heavy Weapons

Hi again!

I´ve already been working on some of my Krieg stuff for few weeks now. Every now and then, whenever work, girlfriend and house leaves me with some spare time. I recently built up some heavy weapons teams supporting my troops. Once finished, I will have 6 mortar teams, 3 lasguns, 3 heavy bolters and 3 autocannons. Don´t ask me why I chose this constellation, just felt like having one choice of each. And yeah, 2 choices of mortars to add some more fluffy appearance to my troops. It will be a Siege Regiment after all, so there should be expected many ordnance weapons, artillery, mortars and stuff alike. I´m totally aware of this not being the most powerful constellation Krieg has to offer. Those of you who chose the path of glory (i.e. tournament players) might not understand but that´s just my idea of it. I like the thought of having a regiment, capable of flattening a whole front line with massive artillery bombardment. And yokais armored guys will be in the first row anyways. Once my boys have been battle tested, I will let you guys know how well they performed. The Emperor Protects.

However, I´m getting off the point here. As I said, I finished building up most of my heavy weapons teams. I especially like two of my autocannon teams. I took them from a set Forge World sold few years ago. Consisting of two heavy stubbers with gunners as well as an autocannon with gunner, they have originally been sold with the imperial trench lines, being used as gunners for trenchline bunkers. Unfortunately they are no longer available. I bought them back in 2010 to modify my Stormlords (see: http://www.ninetyfive.org/?p=154) and still had the autocannons left over. So I took two sculpted MicroArts bases, added some additional debris and barbed wire as well as two gunmen I had. Et voilà:

I´ll be taking some more pictures once all heavy weapons teams are done.


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hey there. i´ve finally moved to my new home, packed and unpacked most of my stuff and my desktop is now ready to take some new projects. which means.. finally.. back to the roots, back to DKoK!

well, that´s what we and probably you, reading this, are here for. I decided to work again on my original plan of my 13th Siege Regiment, worthy of 7,5k points for some apo-action. i´ve been thinking about this for like 2-3 years now abandoning the thought every once and a while. however i made my final decision: to complete the task even if it´s an awful lot of money and i might have to discuss this with my girlfriend for several times. 😉

anyway, the first order arrived by the end of last week. so here´s a sneek peek of what is coming up…

stay tuned, we´ll be back with more Krieg.


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Nurgle Blight Drone – WiP

hey there,
another of my WiP models I´m currently working on. I read about a “Rust-Technique” in the recent WD, which I´ve actually seen before in one of last years Tabletop Insider. I´ve wanted to try that out since then but never had the proper model. Now, reading about it again I decided to give it a try on my Nurgle Blight Drone to get a really rusty and hopefully disgusting look when it´s done. Now here is a small summary of how I did it:

I gave it a Basecoat of  Vallejo Model Air Rust (71080) and a second thin layer of Hansa Airbrush ProColor Terracotta (64077) to get some more depth into the rusty spots. Then I let it dry for couple of hours.

Next, I “painted” parts of the model with water using an old washbrush. I tried to use the corroded pieces of the Drone to my advantage, as there would be probably more rust on and around them. I then used my salt shaker to create a layer of salt onto the wet spots and let it dry over night.

Then I airbrushed again two layers of what will be the basic color of the armour parts of the drone. First VA Air “Interior Green” (71010) and then VA Air “Dark Yellow” (71025). I again let it dry for some time, takes problably more time, cause you make the salt wet in the process which might take more time to dry. Not sure about that, just a precaution.

Finally, I washed the complete model with warm water, using a drybrush to carefully remove the salt. It took some time but I think the outcome is quite nice. Curious how it´ll look like once I´m finished with the whole model.


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Malifaux – Killjoy

Little update on good old, and moldy, Killjoy. He is from my very first Malifaux purchase and, next to Pandora’s Woes and Mr. Lucius Matheson probably one of the models to get me into Malifaux. Killjoy is one of the Outcasts, I had originally thought him to be a Neverborn, and from what I gather he isn’t played all that often. Good thing really, my girlfriend hates this model and tends to get screaming fits when she sees him. For the life of me I can’t imagine why.

I did start painting him some time last year … maybe even the year before, but once he had reached a certain stage I sort of didn’t finish him. Well, I finally did.


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Malifaux – Lucius Matheson

Lucius Matheson, the Governour’s Secretary. One of, if not the most, fluffiest characters in the game. This guy is part of the ruling Guild of Malifaux, and as his title suggests he’s the right hand man of the Governour who in turn ids the boss of the whole show. You might want to regard him as the grey eminance in the story, always in the know, always getting the difficult jobs, threatening everyone and everything from his position of power. He is accompanied by a Guild Lawyer, a Guild Guard, a Guild Captain and Ryle, a construct. Fluff wise the last book (not counting Ten Thunders yet, there’s a whole new story arc in it) ended with the Governour seeming to plot something within all the other plots without including Lucius so I’m dying to find out what this develops into.

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Malifaux – Pandora’s Legion of Sorrows

IMO this crew really catches your eye when you browse Wyrd’s website and gives you an idea about what Malifaux is all about. Baby Cade and Candy, two sweet little innocent kids and their auntie, or big sister, along to watch out for them, see that nothing bad happens … not. Bad Things Happen in Malifaux, especially with Pandora and her woes around and she, too, was part of my original Malifaux purchase. I assembled Pandora without the swirly thing emitting from her box, I prefer it that way. It’s unfortunate that I have the old sculpt, Wyrd are now doing alternate versions of some of their older models and this is one that has definately improved with the new version. There’s two shots of Cade, I think the base is simply adorable, him covering up his latest deed under the carpet.

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Vampire Counts Reinforcements

So, tomorrow I’ll be having a little Warfammer Fantasy battle against a good friend of mine, he’ll be playing his beastmen, I think, and I’ll be giving the old Vampire Counts another go. Havn’t been too successful with them to be honest, but I’m still trying all the different units, see what works and what doesn’t so I’m not too worried. Not sure on the points we’ll be playing but I’ll just be doing my army on the fly. Anyhow, about two years ago I committed myself to not playing anything (of mine) that hasn’t been painted up to at least an acceptable tabletop standard (I’m giving myself passes on basing) so I’ve had to quickly paint up a Varghulf and my Krell, I really want to give these two a try. I’m looking to also run Kemmler and a Wight King BSB as well as a Mortis Engine. Not sure if this works out points wise, we’ll just have to see I suppose.

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Hellbrute Autocannon WiP

Hi there. As Yokai is super active these days I decided to share another small project I´m currently working on and infest this loyalist blog with some seeds of chaos. Yokai will hate me for it but isn´t there a little Lupercal in all of us?! 😉

Anyway, I got myself some of those interesting new limited boxes once they came out. Basically to pimp my existing CSM with some new stuff and to get my girlfriend into the hobby as well. Hoped she might take those Dark Angels to good use. And if not, I would eventually. Thus, I currently have three unboxed Hellbrutes, which unfortunately do not offer much options for customization. Like some other models GW recently released (Aspiring Champion, Cultists, etc.). However, there´s an easy way to just give that brute another gun without cutting it into too many pieces. I just cut off the small melta barrels, sticked together two IG sentinel autocannons, filed away those bloody Aquilas and filled the gaps with plastic putty and green stuff. Then I pimped it with some more chaos bitz I had and put it on a sculped base from MicroArt Studio. Finally, I put another head in to have some variety. It is Chaos after all. There will be some more detailwork, as I´m not yet satisfied with the gun. The Reaper-Aspect is still missing for the “Reaper-Autocannon”. But that´s what it looks like so far. Hope you enjoy. 😉

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Malifaux Objective Markers and Warhammer Warriors of Chaos

I’m hugely disappointed by the upcoming WoC ‘release’. Couple of new models of which only the Shrine is really interesting. I would have at least hoped for some options to build one for Chaos Undivided as well as the various Chaos deities. I once build a shrine based on a Chaos chariot and some leftover bits, didn’t get around to painting it yet but I’m thinkng I’ll stick with that for the time being. Then there’s the usual money generating Finecast models (with some missing character models thrown in as well, which is okay I guess, but most are just the recycled metal models). However, no new armybook at this time, I can’t even find a trace of the rumoured WD update to WoC as well as no new ogres. Guess I’ll have to wait until next spring for the next wave … at leasts that’s the release window according to the rumour mill …. whatever that’s worth. I might be looking at the new cavalary models, see if I want them for my army but I really expected so much more. I simply cannot understand why GW release Fantasy 8th edition and not manage to release armybooks years after the BRB is available. Privateer didn’t seem to have issues with releasing the updates to Warmachine and Hordes and release new armybooks for all their nine faction within the same year of the new rulebooks.


Anyway, on a lighter note I finally painted my Malifaux markers. In case you havn’t yet played Malifaux, Malifaux is driven by scenarios and objectives, you usually won’t be playing any straight forward butchering missions as you would in other systems, achieving your objectives gets you wins in this game. The markers I did are demolishion (red dynamite), evidence (crates and bags), objectives (the white soulstoney ones), a generic objective marker (the beastmen horns) as well as corpse markers which are important for Ressurectionists. After all, can’t raise the dead if none are lying around.

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Flames of War – British 8th Army

Flames of War. Yes, we also play that. This is my first finished FoW army, the British 8th to be played in Africa and Italy. The models are a mix of Battlefront‘s Africa and Italy series because I didn’t want all the models to wear shorts. Also shorts seemed sort of unappropriate for Italy as well. Might have been the way to go for Africa, but whenever I see actual footage from the time I think it does look rather daft (Speaking of footage, in case you’ve missed this, Discovery Channel once ran a series, ten or twelve episodes IIRC, using original material they somehow coloured. The colouring is said to be historically acurate, have a look at the trailer in case you’re interested). Anyway, I ended up sticking shorts only onto the poor sods having to lug all of that artillery ammo around as well as some of the officers and command squads. Being a fan of artillery (Death Korps and all) I have quite a few pieces in this army. I also opted to not use many tanks, this is Mid War after all and the 8th really only has paper thin Shermans to choose from in most army choices. With the probability of encountering actual tanks or maybe even Tigers a Sherman’s life expectancy in FoW is reduced to the round it is in range of German main guns. Better have the artillery deal with them, I’m certain my brave 8th infranty will be able to hold out until the tanks are dealt with. Infranty wise you have your standard units next to some Vickers machine gunners, mortar crews and anti tank teams.

As I said the 8th was my first FoW project. I am also looking to get two Late War armies. One will be another British one to be used in the invasion and France, the other will be a German army which I’ll be using both in France and on the eastern front, Tigers, Panters and Panzer IV are already here but it will take some time to finish this. For these, especailly the Germans, I’ll be looking to buy models from other (= cheaper) companies such as Plastic Soldier Company from which I bought the Panter and Panzer IV tanks.

Turin is running the Deutsche Afrika Korps and is looking at the Soviets for a Late War opposition.

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