Nurgle Blight Drone – WiP

hey there,
another of my WiP models I´m currently working on. I read about a “Rust-Technique” in the recent WD, which I´ve actually seen before in one of last years Tabletop Insider. I´ve wanted to try that out since then but never had the proper model. Now, reading about it again I decided to give it a try on my Nurgle Blight Drone to get a really rusty and hopefully disgusting look when it´s done. Now here is a small summary of how I did it:

I gave it a Basecoat of  Vallejo Model Air Rust (71080) and a second thin layer of Hansa Airbrush ProColor Terracotta (64077) to get some more depth into the rusty spots. Then I let it dry for couple of hours.

Next, I “painted” parts of the model with water using an old washbrush. I tried to use the corroded pieces of the Drone to my advantage, as there would be probably more rust on and around them. I then used my salt shaker to create a layer of salt onto the wet spots and let it dry over night.

Then I airbrushed again two layers of what will be the basic color of the armour parts of the drone. First VA Air “Interior Green” (71010) and then VA Air “Dark Yellow” (71025). I again let it dry for some time, takes problably more time, cause you make the salt wet in the process which might take more time to dry. Not sure about that, just a precaution.

Finally, I washed the complete model with warm water, using a drybrush to carefully remove the salt. It took some time but I think the outcome is quite nice. Curious how it´ll look like once I´m finished with the whole model.


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  • Lootsmith

    Looks good 😀